Economy.  Elegance.  Enjoyment.

Within one year some of our local movie stars (the ones appearing in our pictures) will have already been asked for their autographs on the street.

Within one year, 100% Philly-made pictures will be rolling off the press.   Scripts written by Philly script-writers will be produced in Philly, premiered in Philly, and sold via the internet around the world.

During this year, we will learn as a team (as a series of teams) how to put out feature length motion pictures  with ease, while enjoying a new level of creativity,  skill, and socialization.

We are not just planning to make new quality movies but making better ways of working together.

At the end of it, we will have accomplished something new: a city-based model of motion picture production that other cities may copy or adapt.

And within one year, we will be able to say what William Blake once said; “What is now proved was once only imagined.”