We share the same tools and conventions to streamline communications and speed up production. Here is a list of tools we use:

Google has many free tools useful for getting everybody on the same (virtual) page:

Google Groups — for teams sharing information, exchanging ideas, and cluing in late arrivals.

Google Docs — for online sharable editable spreadsheets.

Google Calendar — for sharing our respective schedules online.

If you get a lot of mail, or don’t currently use gmail, consider getting a gmail account just for production work. You can then have it forward  to you primary account, and also add the gmail email notification so you can easily see when new message arrive.

Email notifiers –- this is a way to see if you have any new mail (just be looking at the corner of your screen) being able to see messages when they appear and responding to them (clearly and completely) can cut numerous hours from back and forth communications.  Search for the email notifier compatible with your email service.

Wi-fi cafes & laptops — Especially for team leaders, a laptop is highly recommended.  You can go to or some other shopping aggreator such as and put in “notebook” and set the price range between $150 and $250.

Thumb-drives –If you can’t afford a laptop at this time, for $10-$15 you can get a thumbdrive also called a flash drive, so that you can take home a copy of any docs (sometimes pics,& video) shared at the meetings.

Anti-Virus – make sure your protections are strong.  Helps you from losing your computer during a critical time. Also important if we are sharing thumb-drives.  Here are some free tools: Avira, AVG, Malwarebytes (for anti-spyware). Other free programs available at

Skype — free calls, conference calls, and video conferencing between online computers.

Webcams — or built-in laptop cams can help you attend meetings virtually.

Celtx — screenplay writing is free and if some people have final draft – there’s a way to import final draft texts into Celtx.

Paypal personal account –- hook it to your bank account. It’s ideal for receiving payments for services rendered, making purchases, and for record keeping

Image Sharing –- Do you have recommendations? We are looking for something free, online, sharable and private (subscribers only) with the ability to associate text with images easily.  Please email to let us know!